Career and Technical Education Understandings

This section of the portfolio is intended to demonstrate my core understandings of four major domains underlying career and technical education. In Part 1, I have articulated my understanding of each domain, have selected an academic or practical example of my work, and have included a companion reflection explaining the connections. In Part II, I have produced my vision for CTE.

Part I. Core Understanding of Domains

2.1. Shared Vision of CTE

        Articulation of Understanding          Example          Reflection 

2.2 Curriculum and Instruction in CTE

        Articulation of Understanding          Example          Reflection

2.3   Organizational Supports

         Articulation of Understanding         Example          Reflection

2.4   External Supports

        Articulation of Understanding          Example          Reflection 

Part II. A Conceptual Model for CTE

         My Vision for CTE

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