Haile Middle School Engineering Technology Course Information

Career readinessMission

The mission of the Engineering Technology program at Haile Middle School is to make certain that all students can be technologically literate and work ready through industry themed learning and career related skills.

Research has shown classroom lessons connected to work experiences are critical and beneficial to the work industry.  These classroom experiences mature students and formulates a better connection of lessons in math and science to the real world.  “They are better prepared than a student going through a traditional school curriculum” (47).  School districts often involve local industry in the development of curriculum.  Industry certifications are a great way to benchmark student learning and a curriculum focused on producing students who are highly skilled and highly qualified (Alfeld, Stone, Aragon, Hansen, Zirkle, & Connors, 2007).

A Three-Year Program

The Engineering Technology program at Haile Middle School is a three year (quarter system) that focuses on the core concepts of technology through project based learning. National, state and Engineering by Design standards help to guide our students through an exciting educational experience. Students are initially introduced to the engineering design curriculum at the elementary level and are further educated into the concepts of project based engineering once enrolled in the engineering program at Haile Middle School. In completion of all three classes of Engineering Technology, students should have an in depth understanding of the core fundamentals of engineering and also receive an industry certification in SolidWorks.

An additional aspect of the curriculum at Carlos E Haile Middle School is the TSA program. The Technology Student Association is a student run organization that strives to promote technology literacy. Students compete in thirty eight different competitions at the district, state, and national level. The TSA organization aligns missions and themes with state 3

and national standards. The organization encourages students to develop projects using the engineering design process while promoting work based leadership skills.

Introduction to Technology

Exploration of Production Technology

Engineering Technology 1

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